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Real Bread Week

No loafing about, we will be making a variety of different breads in the training kitchen this week. It will be a boule!

Employee Appreaciation Day

A day where you can show your appreciation to employees. Does this mean that Headway is going to give me apay rise? No. They may let me out of my […]

International Women’s Day

We will be having a look back in History at how life has changed and famous women and what they have achieved. Girl Power!

Mothers’ Day

Mother's Day lunch -  Families are invited to join us for the day to have lunch with your loved one. If you would like to come along, could you please […]

St Patrick’s Day

Everbody's Irish on March 17th. Lots of green stuff to celebrate the day of the Saint who banished the snakes form Ireland and introduced Christianity. Though, it is thought that […]

International Day of Happiness

To promote happiness, well-being and a more compassionate world – Today's activities will be based on a glass half-full attitude. We will be working on what makes us happy and […]

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