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Headway UK is offering free training designed specifically for adults who care for someone with a brain injury. Ttraining is free and is held online.

This session has been created specifically for family members of people with a brain injury to provide some understanding of the hidden effects following brain injury. The session aims to show the cognitive, emotional and behavioural difficulties that can be present in brain injury survivors. Throughout the session, we will also provide practical tips on how to communicate with brain injury survivors, how to deal with common behavioural issues, and how to support their recovery and rehabilitation process.

There are multiple dates for the training: 24/06/2024, 03/12/2024, Each session starts at 10 am and finishes at 12:30 pm. The training can be booked by clicking here.

If you need support in accessing the training then contact Headway North Staffs for support.

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