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Headway UK is offering free training designed specifically for adults with an acquired brain injury that explores the effects of an ABI and the road to recovery. The training is free and is held online, lasting 40 minutes.

There are multiple dates for the training: 13/03/2024, 11/04/2024, 15/05/2024, 13/06/2024, 18/07/2024, 15/08/2024, 12/09/2024, 17/10/2024, 14/11/2024, 11/12/2024. Each session starts at 1pm and can booked at https://www.headway.org.uk/about-brain-injury/professionals/training/understanding-my-brain-injury/.

If you need support in accessing the training then contact Headway North Staffs for support.

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