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A really exciting opportunity has opened up to people with an ABI or family / carer member as a Service User Perspective Assessor. This is a paid role, that performs an important function.

You will be part ot a two-person assessment team. You, as the person with an ABI or person with personal experience, with a professional with expertise in ABI, will visit residential units who provide residential care and or rehabilitation to clients with an ABI. These units could be part of the NHS or independent organizations.

Your team will look at daily life, selected evidence and meeting with staff members and possibly service  users.

Your assessement will asign an accrediation that is standards based and is a way of organizations being able to demonstrate their skills, practices and values.This is Approved Provider Scheme and more details can be found at Headway UK’s website – see here.

The pay is sessional at £20 per hour. This includes: adminstration before and after the visist, travel time, the visit, Travel and food expenses are reimbursed.

For  more information you can email concetta.ventura@headway.org.uk, telephone 0115 924 0800.

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