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Outreach Service

Headway North Staffordshire provide an Outreach Service for people with head injuries who do not currently access day service facilities.

This specialist service is designed to give head injured people the opportunity to re-learn lost skills as well as prevent any further deterioration or isolation. This can be done by learning coping strategies, modifying inappropriate behaviour, acquiring new skills and interests, meeting with other head injured people understanding their head injury, improving self confidence and accessing community activities. These services are available to people with acquired, traumatic and stroke related head injury who will have usually completed their formal medical / clinical rehabilitation and are seeking ways to re-integrate back into the community, but who may still at this time require a lot of support and assistance.

The Outreach service aims to offer constructive support to head injured individuals within the community. It can support the head injured person to achieve any personal goals they may have and is a starting point for rediscovering social pursuits.

The Service Could Offer:
  • Confidential home visit to access the head injured person and their needs
  • A care plan giving details of the types of support to be offered, times, schedules, allocated worker etc.
  • A trained Outreach worker who can enable the head injured person to maximise their skills and independence both at home and in the community.
  • Regular contact and updates
  • Over 20 years experience working with head injured and their families

The Outreach Service can be accessed by an individual, their family or a professional. There is an hourly charge and a worker will be booked on a monthly contract.

The Service We Provide

Headway North Staffs attempts to provide a range of services to meet the specialised needs of people with ABI/TBI and stroke related head injuries at the post-hospital / formal rehab stage, who are ready to make the move towards transitional living.

All Headway staff are trained to deal with the particular issues and specialist needs of a person with a head injury.

Headway has a range of services designed to include:

  • Opportunities to relearn lost skills in education
  • Sessions for improving cognition and communication deficits
  • Help for people to access activities they could not otherwise do (e.g. go swimming)
  • Training in all aspects of day to day living skills
  • Travel training
  • Supported training and voluntary placements
  • Help with transference of skills into the home/community
  • Support for people to access other community activities
  • Help for people to go on holiday
  • Assistance for people to attend social activities
  • Assistance for people to understand their brain injury
  • Help for people to develop coping/compensation strategies
  • Support for people to live independently / in the community
  • Training for people to understand brain injury
  • Help for people to plan and set realistic personal goals
  • Help for people to develop strategies for managing inappropriate social, sexual & aggressive behaviour
  • Opportunities to access new/previous interest/hobbies
  • Maintenance and avoid deterioration

Please Note: Headway North Staffs does not provide domiciliary or direct personal care, although staff will assist clients where assessed appropriate

Carers Services

Outreach also recognises the challenges faced by carers, so for that reason an outreach worker can give much needed respite to the carer providing the opportunity for the carer to pursue their own interests or hobbies and have time for themselves.

Headway North Staffs Carers services are available free of charge to carers and families of a head injured person and also a head injured person who has no carer.

If you would like to speak to someone for support, advice, information or how to access our carers group then please contact us.

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