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A Special event is taking place to raise awareness of cycle safety gear and to raise funds for Headway North Staffs.

Luke Cryer, a team GB mountain biker and medallist, sustained a brain injury last year whilst cycling on a pump track. His injuries were not nearly as serious as they could have been because he was wearing a helmet. He is now back to cycling and wishes to spread awareness of the importance of wearing helmets (particularly to young people). It is especially important as the culture within pump tracks and skateparks is unfortunately such that helmets are often viewed as ‘uncool’ and not worn.
Luke will be holding an event at Kidsgrove Pump Track on Thursday 7th October at 15:30. He will do a short talk about himself and his experiences and the importance of wearing helmets, will give the opportunity for people to ask lots of questions and then will do a demonstration and allow the children and young people at the track to join him. He has received some helmets and other safety gear which we will raffle off over the next week and the raffle will be drawn at the event. The proceeds of the raffle will be donated to Headway North Staffordshire to help us support adults with brain injuries.

If you would like a raffle ticket please contact Headway North Staffs on 01782 280952 or email:info@headwaynorthstaffs.org

If you would like to show your support by making a donation please click on our Just Giving page

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Luke Cryer’s Bio:

Professional mountain biker from stone, two time a world champs medalist now just recovered from a brain injury after a little crash on the pump track…

Unfortunately most of the time it’s too late to realise the importance of protecting yourself when we doing the sports we love. It doesn’t only happen to others, and it can happen faster than you think…. I would like to tell you a little bit about my story to make you aware of how important helmets are and how they can really save your life…

I feel passionate to try to push people wearing helmets. After my crash it’s really opened my eyes to how easy brain injury’s can happen and how scary it can be, especially if we don’t protect them… and it’s so easy to look cool and protect yourself doing things we love…

 To see Luke in action please click the link below
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