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Headway North Staffs would like to thank all the grant funders who give money that allows us to run projects, buy equipment and keep our centre operating.

Tolearn more about our generous supporters, click on the links below.

We would like to thank the Bishop Stamer Fund, the Clothworkers Foundation (who give one-off grants for capital projects) and the Douglas Arter Foundation who have donated so that Headway North Staffs can update its fire alarm system – keeping our clients and our building safe. 

Bishop Stamer Fund

The Bishop Stamer Fund logo.

Clothworkers Foundation

The Douglas Arter Foundation

Fire Alarm Upgrade

Headway Woodwork RoomHNS Woodwork Room.

Fire Alarm Upgrade

Headway Activity RoomHeadway Activity Room

Fire Alarm Upgrade

Headway Teaching KitchenHeadway Teaching Kitchen

Many of our clients have problems with their speech. This has a huge impact on people as it cuts them off from the world and they have to work hard to relearn skills taken from them by an ABI.

Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund’ss grant we  are able to provide speech therapy at our centre in Cobridge.

National Lottery Community Fund

Counselling is a much valued service by our clients. Giving them a safe space to explore their emotions when faced by a life changing event. A grant from the Edward Gostling Foundation means that we can continue to provide counselling.

The Edward Gostling Foundation

Edward Gostling Foundation logo

Jill Keltor, Headway Counsellor

Jill Kelter image, HNS counsellor

For many of our clients relearning how to cook is vital. They can have mobility, dexterity or cognative difficulties that making this everyday task seemingly impossible. Thanks to the Sainsbury’s Helping Everyone Eat Better Community Grant Fund 2023-24 we are going to be able to give clients lessons on how to use a slow cooker to prepare healthy and tasty meals. Giving them back their independence.

Sainsbury's logo
Sport England logo.

Sport England has funded physical activities that can our clients can engage in. Walking, swiming and bicycling sesions using local facilities and suported by our staf and special equipment will mean our clients can get out and about and get healthy.

You can see from the pictures on the right how successful this project has been in allowing our clients to engage in healthy and fun sporting activities.

Thank you Sport England.

Headway Members Get Physical

It’s a beautiful day and Headway members get out an about to exercise and enjoy nature.

Headway Members Get Physical

Off they go into the far horizon!Walking in the wild.

Headway Members Get Physical

Enjoying the water.Getting into the water for fun exercise.

Headway Members Get Physical

The easy life in the water.Now for a relaxing float.

Headway Members Get Physical

Starting off on the bike ride.With bikes to support all kinds of needs our members get ready for the off!

Headway Members Get Physical

Whizzing through the countryside.Whizzing through the countryside at high speed.

Headway Members Get Physical

At the sports hall.Team Headway gets ready to play.

Headway Members Get Physical

World cup potential.Onward to the World Cup.

So that our clients can use the internet to get connected, shop online, view entertainment or learn something new Staffordshire Comunity Council‘s Discover Digital Fund has provided equipment and a tutor to help our clients to learn new skills or brush up on new ones.
With the cost of living rising and many of our clients unable to work because of their ABI we are grateful to Stoke on Trent City Council and the Department for Word and Pensions for their grant from the Winter Food and Essential Supplies Fund.This means that we can provide food parcels or vouchers to those in need.
The coat of arms of Stoke on Trent City Council.
Logo of the Department for Work and Pensions UK.
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